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"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth."

George Washington


Christianity is our guiding principle in everything we do.  It gives us an ideal to strive for in our personal conduct, our relationships, and in our work.  We understand we will never achieve that perfection but we support each other as a community in the pursuit.

Our Mission


Education allows us to grow the skills and wisdom needed to live a better life.  We believe in applied education under the guidance of experienced and successful mentors to help us solve our most pressing issues in every stage of life, from childhood to young adult and from adult to elderhood.  As our society has focused on education and technological advancement, it is obvious that without a moral underpinning our problems become larger and more intimidating. STEAM education in isolation is not solving problems, just making the same problems more technologically powerful.  Our Christian focus requires that our educational advancements be used in a way that contributes to a more loving and supportive community and world.


Entrepreneurship is how we serve our community and the larger world.  We can not meet all of our needs individually but only through cooperation with others.  The greatest examples of economic prosperity in history occur with division of labor in free and peaceful societies that respect the rule of law.  The most productive among us are the ones who have found their passion in life and create value for others. It is through this creation and exchange of goods that our society has escaped a history of poverty.

Freedom and Peace

Freedom and peace are Christian ideals whose value is shared by people throughout time.  Our society has lost its way in the short-sighted pursuit of power, wealth, and prestige.  The use of force leads to division and destruction while free exchange reveals the economic harmonies granted by our Creator.  Peaceful living as individuals, communities, and world at large is a core goal of Liberty Villages.


Community is our focus.  We want to reach our potential in life by pursuing our dreams with the support and encouragement of our community.  In turn, we also want to support our community members. We do this by prioritizing our Christian relationships and using education and entrepreneurship to improve them.

We Would Love Your Support Today!

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